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Champ City is a Basketball Skills Development and Training program founded by Brockton High and Umass Boston alumni, Chantel Jordan. Growing up in Brockton, Ma, her journey consisted of competitive sports which has influenced and enhanced her skill development on and off the court as a Head Coach, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Mentor, Student and throughout her career.

Champ City was started from her desire to give athletes the opportunity to amplify their mindset and approach to game of basketball and find various ways to connect the concepts of competitive sports to life. This training program looks to help each athlete develop and strengthen their physical, mental, organizational and leadership abilities and utilize basketball as a vehicle to open opportunities beyond basketball. Over the past 5 years, Chantel has worked with many Professional, Semi Professional and a wide variety of Collegiate Men and Women basketball players from the Division 1 to Division 3 levels of competition as well as numerous high schools across the Boston area. She currently works on the coaching staff at The Rivers School as The Head Basketball Coach for the Girls Varsity Basketball team.

Our training programs provide a guaranteed transformative experiences for basketball development and life. Sessions offer physical training, mental toughness, mentorship, game film breakdown, leadership and skills training resources. We make moves, not excuses! Lets get better!   

Co-Founder/Media Specialist

Leesh the Beast is a freelance Multimedia Specialist for LTB Visuals and the Co-Founder of Champ City. She specializes in sports photography/videography, portraits, media editing and more. She has been perfecting her craft for the past 2 years working with Semi Professional and Professional basketball players, High School and AAU basketball teams, High School Football Teams, The Rivers School Athletics and many community events around the Brockton and Boston area. If you're inquiring about any of the services above, you can contact her via Instagram @LTB_Visuals.

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