Champ City Athletics

Champ City Training is dedicated to providing basketball skills training for athletes in the Boston area. Our main focus is on refining and developing players' abilities, ensuring that they can compete at a high level with confidence. We offer a wide range of high-quality training programs and resources designed to help athletes prepare for collegiate and professional competition. Athletes of all ages and skill levels who are looking to enhance their mental and physical game are welcome to join us. With our emphasis on mentorship and leadership, our mission is to support every athlete in achieving their goals. While we work with athletes of various levels, we specialize in training high-level individuals.


"Champ city/ Chantel has been an amazing opportunity for my daughter. Champ city/ Chantel was always punctual, encouraging, motivating and educational. She pushed my daughter mentally and physically in a kind and gracious way, which helped elevate my daughter to be able to play at the next level."

Erin VanReen

“Champ City is a culture it’s a lifestyle it’s blood, sweat, tears, grit and hard work. It’s a winning environment open to people of all walks of life Champ City is a family and its only going to get bigger” 

Trevor Noble (Stonehill College '24)

Chantel has worked with my daughter, Ana, coming on three years now. She has transformed her game. We consider her a basketball sensei - a teacher, a master. Her knowledge of the game is deep, and she possesses both the empathy and the authenticity to engage developing players and unlock full potential.

Chris Von Ruhmor

My daughter started working with Chantel at the beginning of last  summer. During her time with her, my daughter showed tremendous progress with her skill level on the court.  She felt more confident in her basketball abilities which could be seen when playing in games.  However, not only did she find someone to help her on the court, she found someone to help her off. Chantel cares about her athletes in a way you do not see that often. She is there to support them through all their endeavors. It is a beautiful thing to see. I feel extremely lucky to have found this relationship for my daughter and for myself.

Regan Thompson

It’s more than basketball! Coach Jordan, Champ City has given me hope that my girls will get to where they need to be with her guidance, experience and love for the game! From Drills, training, mentoring, and just being there to help push my girls is all a parent/coach could ask for. I stand with @ChampCity and Coach Jordan! It’s pretty amazing when you have someone that grew up on the same streets as you, trying to bring out the same goals, clearer visions, and more opportunities to these student athletes right here in our own community!

Jonnehia Vegia

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